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    USD #457 has 18 attendance centers serving Pre-K-12 grades. The district has strong support from our community in carrying out the district’s mission of “Quality Learning – Responsible Citizens.”

    Rep/Contact Info

    Andrea Baker
    Principal, Garfield Early Childhood Center
    Robin Bergkamp
    Board Member
    Shane Burns
    Adriana Caro
    Associate Principal, Horace Good
    Roy Cessna
    Public Information Coordinator
    David Deloach
    Principal, Gertrude Walker
    Mike Dominguez
    Andy Fahrmeier
    Board Member
    Shane Faurot
    Director- Service Center
    Gina Galpin
    Director of Special Education Services
    Jackie Gigot
    Board Member
    Suzette Goldsby-Lewis
    Principal, Plymell
    Nathan Haeck
    Board Member
    Jenny Hands
    CTE Coordinator
    Brad Hill
    Principal, Bernadine Sitts
    Mark Hinde
    Board Member
    Matthew Horney
    Principal, Jennie Barker Elementary School
    Julie Koeperich
    Principal, Alta Brown Elementary School
    Bryan Kott
    Principal, Georgia Matthews
    Andrew Lee
    Principal, Charles Stones
    Tracy Leiker
    Principal, Victor Ornelas Elementary School
    Ben Luna
    Principal, Buffalo Jones
    Kathleen Moorman
    Virtual Academy
    Karen Murrell
    Principal, Abe Hubert Elementary School
    Steve Nordby
    Principal, Garden City High School
    Brandy Ochs
    Principal, Edith Shuerman Elementary School
    Randy Ralston
    Board Member
    Jill Reagle
    Principal, Florence Wilson Elementary School
    Jennifer Simmons
    Administrative Specialist-Personnel Department
    Brad Springston
    Principal, Horace J. Good Middle School
    Melinda Stewart
    Principal, Jennie Wilson Elementary School
    Jarrod Stoppel
    Principal, Kenneth Henderson Middle School
    Lucas Sullivan
    Principal- Theraputic Education Program
    Ana Tena
    Deputy Board Clerk
    Drew Thon
    Human Resources Director
    LeeAnn Thon
    Human Resources Specialist
    John Wiese
    Board Member