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    About Us

    ABOUT -
    The Finney County government employs approximately 300 people across 19 departments. Of those 19, 5 offices are run by elected officials. These are the County Attorney, County Clerk, Register of Deeds, County Sheriff, and County Treasurer. The governing body is a five-member County board of Commissioners, each elected to a four-year term.


    VISION -
    Finney County seeks to provide essential and relevant services that promote a growing community for residents, businesses, and visitors. The County Government shall be a convener and assist other government entities and businesses in efforts to enhance the quality of life, providing opportunities for all of its citizens.

    VALUES -
    INTEGRITY - Be honest and trustworthy. Be transparent to citizens and put the County’s interest above personal gain.
    STEWARDSHIP - Make decisions that are in the best interest f the taxpayers’ financial investment.
    CUSTOMER SERVICE - Provide superior customer service to the public and peers.
    COLLABORATION - Understand and practice first-rate teamwork internally and with external partners.
    RESOURCEFULNESS - Provide services in an efficient manner and adjust to changing needs.


    Finney County Health Department
    Law Enforcement Center


    Heavy Equipment Technician (Diesel Operator)
    Category: Automotive/Mechanics
    Phone:(620) 272-3500
    Fax:(620) 272-3599

    Rep/Contact Info

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    Beth Beavers
    Director of Department of Corrections
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    Maria Castillo
    County Appraiser
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    Shruti Chhabra
    Health Department Director
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    Duane Drees
    County Commissioner
    LeeAnn Hagerman
    Administrations Business Manager
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    Gerry Hahn
    Noxious Weed Director
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    Jenny Hamill
    Assistant County Administrator / Finance Director
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    Dave Jones
    County Commissioner
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    Larry Jones
    County Commissioner
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    Trista Joyce
    County Treasurer
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    Jessica Mueller
    WIC Coordinator
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    Dori Munyan
    County Clerk
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    Kelly Munyan
    Human Resources Director
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    Doug Peters
    Information Technology Director
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    Trey Phillips
    Geographic Information Systems Coordinator
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    Lon Pishny
    County Commissioner
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    Robert Reece
    County Adminstrator
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    Paul Resley
    Emergency Management Director
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    Susan Richmeier
    County Attorney
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    Kara L Schartz
    County Counselor
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    Gerry Schultz
    County Commissioner
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    Stephanie Shockley
    Register of Deeds
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    Stephanie Siebert
    Fairgrounds Coordinator
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    Skylar Swords
    Emergency Medical Services Director
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    Michael Warren
    County Sheriff