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    Certificate of Zoning Compliance

    This certificate ensures your business is in compliance with the Garden City zoning regulations.  This certificate is needed when there is a change in ownership, a change in location or a new business is opening.  The one-time fee is $25.

    The Certificate of Zoning Compliance can be obtained from the City Clark's Office, City Administrative Center - 301 N, 8th St.  Contact Celyn Hurtado, City Clerk, at 620.276.1161.


    Itinerant Merchant License

    This license is for temporary business owners looking to operate in Garden City.  If you wish to sell goods, services, food or beverages on a property you do not own, an Itinerant Merchant License is required.

    Current License Fees:

    Local Business:  $365/year

    Non-Local Business:  $300 day or $900 a month


    Contractor's License

    To check to see if the contractor you want to hire is licensed with the City of Garden City, please call the Neighborhood & Development Services Department at 620.276.1170.  Licensing fees are as follows:

    New License:  $200

    License Renewal:  $100

    Trade Card: $20 (Required for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, masters, journeyman and helpers.)


    Liquor License

    Any business selling liquor will need to have a liquor license issued by the City Clerk's office.  Liquor license are good for two years from the date of application.  Fees are as follows:

    Cost:  $500


    Cereal malt Beverage License

    If you are looking to sell cereal malt beverages, you will need a cereal malt beveral license inssured by the City Clerk.  Fees are as follows:

    Retail License (Not drinking on the premise): $75

    Restaurants (Drinking on-premise): $125

    Temporary CMB Event: $50/day


    Additional Resources

    City of Garden City Neighborhood and Development Services - 620.276.1170

    City of Garden City Electric Department - 620.276.1290

    City of Garden City Utility Services - 620.276.1100

    City of Garden City Inspections Department - 620.276.1120

    City of Garden City Public Works - 620.276-1260

    Black Hills Energy - 888.890.5454

    Wheatland Electric - 620.275.0264