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    LiveWell Finney County and the Coalition is a leader in the community for public health having over sixty organizations, businesses and governmental agencies as members providing a support umbrella for front-line providers.   In 2014, they received the NOVA Award from the American Hospital Association and were recently awarded a 1422 grant from the KS Department of Health and Environment that aims to educate on pre-diabetes, hypertension, obesity and stroke prevention.  In 2017, LiveWell successfully worked to pass the T-21 smoking ordinance requiring citizens to be at least twenty-one years of age to purchase tobacco in the City.  This project was recognized by the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment and the CDC and the youth involved received an award from the University of Kansas.  This past year, LiveWell was also awarded a Community Service Award by the City of Garden City Police Department for their work with the police department following the 2016 bomb threat.